Hosta yingeri

Hosta yingeri (S.B. Jones 1989)

Subgenus Schmid Bryocles Zonneveld Bryocles
Section Schmid Arachnanthae Zonneveld Stoloniferae
Hosta Library species file Hosta yingeri
Origin Korea, Daeheugsan-do (Taehuksan-do) Island and adjacent islands in the Huksan Islands Group.  See Map.
Habitat This species is common, rock-dwelling on shady, northwest-facing talus slopes and cut-over hillsides at elevation 2 to ± 150m (7– 500 feet) above sea level.  Its habitat includes pine forests where it shares the habitat primarily with grasses and ferns.
Japanese name Fugire Giboshi
Korean name Heuk-san-do-bi-bi-chu
Plant 40 cm diameter x 15 cm high (16 x 6").
Leaf Petiole 3–7 cm (1.5–3"), semi-erect, V-shaped, green, some purple spots.
Leaf 10–15 cm long x 5–7 cm wide (6 x 2.75"), elliptic, rigid, thick and with very heavy substance, very shiny above, medium to dark green, polished light grey-green below, decurrent to the petiole and becoming V-shaped, elongated, tip acuminate.
3–5 (6) pairs of veins, not sunken above, projected, smooth below.
Inflorescense Scape to 65 cm long (25"), straight, smooth, round, erect, mostly perpendicular to the ground, sometimes bending slightly, green.
Sterile bracts, 1–4, linear-lanceolate, 1–2 cm long x 0.25 cm wide (0.5–1 x 0.1".), navicular, green; fertile bracts, flat, green with papillose apex, to 1.2 cm long x 0.3 cm wide (0.5 x 0.1"); bracts not withering.
Pedicels: Very long, green, purple spotted, slender, horizontal, to 2 cm (1").
Raceme 25–30 cm (10–12") 15–25 flowers.
Flowers 4 cm long x 4 cm broad (1.5 x 1.5"), equally arranged around the stem, held erect in ±horizontal position on strong pedicels, lobes pale purple suffused with slightly darker veins, white throat, funnel-shaped, spider-flowered. Stamens conspicuously exserted, 3 short and 3 long with filaments attached to narrow tube.
Anthers purple.
Capsules blunt tipped.
Blooming Time Late August/September.
Fertility Fertile.
Growing conditions  
Suitable for containers  
Special remarks  
In Hosta Mill Collection Yes
  • H. 'Treasure Island (Tony Avent 1998) = H. yingeri selection
  • H. 'Arten'
  • H. 'Blue Haired Lady (G. Johnson 2004) = H. yingeri seedling
  • H. 'Cosmic Blue (R. Livingston NR) =  H. yingeri hybrid
  • H. 'Crystal Chimes (J. Springer 2000) = H. yingeri hybrid
  • H. 'Gosan Leather Strap (W. George Schmid NR) = yingeri x (laevigata x longipes sparsa)
  • H. 'Kermit = H. yingeri hybrid
  • H. 'Kiwi Leap Frog (Sligh NR) = H. yingeri x rectifolia
  • H. 'Korean Snow (K. Hawks/Bob Solberg 1999) = H. yingeri hybrid
  • H. 'Lakeside Looking Glass (M. Chastain 1997) = H. yingeri hybrid
  • H. 'Lily Pad (R. Solberg/L. Lombardo 2000) = H. yingeri hybrid
  • H. 'Mystic Star (G. Johnson 2004) = H. yingeri x 'Dorset Blue'
  • H. 'Old Yeller (Tony Avent NR) = H. yingeri x 'Sun Power'
  • H. 'Terpsichore (A. Scheer) = H. yingeri hybrid