Hosta venusta

Hosta venusta (F. Maekawa 1935/AHS 1993)

Subgenus Schmid Bryocles Zonneveld Bryocles
Section Schmid Lamellatae Zonneveld Lamellatae
Hosta Library species file Hosta venusta
Origin Korea, Cheju Island (Cheju Do).  See Map.
Japanese name Otome Giboshi = the (beautiful) maiden hosta
Korean name Hal-la-bi-bi-chu = the hosta from Mount Halla
Plant 10 cm diameter x 8 cm high (4  x  3"), dome-shaped, slender, narrowly open.
Leaf Petiole 3.5–6 cm (1.5–2.25").
Leaf 3–8 cm  x  2.5–5 cm wide (1.25–3.2  x  1-2"), larger in some clones, ovate-cordate, transition usually tight and suddenly contracted, decurrent, tip acuminate, interior leaf flattish, margin undulate, wavy, not pruinose, surface with metallic sheen, shiny below, dark green, opaque.
± 3–5 pairs of veins, very thin, not much sunken above.
Inflorescense Scape 18–24 cm long (7–10"), distinct lamellar ridges parallel or slightly spiral to scape axis, straight, erect, mostly perpendicular to the ground, sometimes bending.
Fertile bracts navicular, grooved, thick, green or whitish green, ascending, imbricated even during flowering and nearly equal in size.
Raceme 8 cm (3.2") 4–8 flowers.
Developed unopened flower head globular with spicate top.  Flowers 2.5–3.5 cm long and 2 cm broad (1–1.50  x  1"), held erect in ± horizontal position on strong pedicels, dark veins on a lighter colored background, perianth pale purple-violet, expanding, funnel-shaped, in the central part dilated, bell-shaped, lobes ± angled to the axis, stamens exserted.
Anthers purple.
Blooming Time July
Fertility Fertile
Growing conditions  
Suitable for containers  
Special remarks

Many cultivar names (like H. 'Rock Princess' H. 'Thumbnail', H. 'Suzuki Thumbnail', H. 'Tiny Tears', H. 'Akarana') were, right or wrong, assigned to a clone distributed by Craig in the late 1960's (known as H. 'Suzuki Thumbnail' Davidson No. 86), its very close F1 progeny, or similar plants.  Craig obtained it from a Japanese nursery as H. 'Thumbnail' and distributed it as H. 'Suzuki Thumbnail'.  As adult plants, these named cultivars can scarcely be differentiated from the original Davidson clone of H. venusta. 

In Hosta Mill Collection Yes, see picture, probably the clone known as H. 'Goldbrook', and H; venusta 'Benedict strain'
  • H. 'Crater's Heart' (Japan NR) : white center with dark green margin
  • H. 'Crater's Rim' (Japan NR) : green center with bright white margin
  • H. 'Devon Red' (A. & R. Bowden NR) = H. venusta selection
  • H. venusta 'Otona',
    H. 'Red Tubes' and
    H. 'Wavy Edge' are named selected forms of the species, that have special features which are found frequently in wild populations.
  • H. 'Japan No. 1' (Japan/M. Zilis NR) = H. venusta sport or hybrid
  • H. 'Little Fellow' (Clarence O. Owens 1990) = H. venusta selfed
  • H. 'Rumpelstielzchen' (F. Köhlein) = H. venusta sport or hybrid  : small, dull, green leaves
  • H. 'Striker' (R. Lydell 2000) : green with a narrow white border
  • H. 'Suzuki Thumbnail' (K. Suzuki/P. Ruh 1987) = H. venusta sport or hybrid
  • H. 'Yellow Jacket' (Marc Zilis/P. Ruh 1998) : larger form, light green with a wide creamy yellow border
  • H. 'Akarana' (Charles Applegate 1985) = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'Alpine Dream' (R. P. Savory 1982) = H. venusta x (x H. venusta)
  • H. 'Amanuma' (F. Maekawa 1960/P. Ruh 2002) = H. venusta x H. capitata
  • H. 'Anne-Marie' = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'Awesome' (Herb Benedict) = H. venusta seedling
  • H. 'Ballerina' (R. P. Savory 1982) = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'Blue Eyes' (R. Herman 1996) = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'Cat's Eye' (Japan/Dan Heims NR) = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'Concordia Petite' (U. Syre-Herz 1996) = H. venusta x H. 'Golden Tiara'
  • H. 'Craig's Temptation' (Japan/J. Craig & G. Schenk/P. Ruh 2002) = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'Gemstone' (Tony Avent 2005) = H. venusta x H. 'Dorset Blue'
  • H. 'Gold Drop (Kenneth A. Anderson 1977) = H. venusta x H. 'August Moon'
  • H. 'Golden Gem' (K. Squires/Lantis Collection/P. & J. Ruh 2005) = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'Gosan Gold Midget' (W. George Schmid 1989) = H. venusta x H. 'Golden Prayers'
  • H. 'Green Fingers' (C. Owens 2002) = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'Herbie' (H. & D. Benedict 1995) = H. venusta x (x H. 'Saishu Jima')
  • H. 'Honey Moon' (Ken Anderson 1982) = H. venusta x H. 'August Moon'
  • H. 'Kinbotan' (Japan/P. Ruh 2002) = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'Lakeside Neat Petite' (M. Chastain 1991) = H. venusta x H. 'Blue Cadet'
  • H. 'Michael's Legacy' (S. Zolock 1999) = H. venusta 'Porter' x H. 'Craig's Temptation'
  • H. 'Minuta' (Soules) = H. venusta seedling
  • H. 'Misty Morning' (Kuk's Forest 1986) = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'Number One' (Richard W. Lighty 1987) = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'Paradise Puppet' (Marco Fransen) = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'Pearl Buttons' (Russ O'Harra) = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'Pinwheel' (R. P. Savory 1983) = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'Queue (F. Nyikos 2005) = H. venusta x H. 'Teaspoon'
  • H. 'Rock Master' (P. Aden 1982) = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'Shining Tot' (P. Aden 1982) = H. venusta x H. 'Rock Master'
  • H. 'Thumb Nail' (Epstein/P. Aden 1982) = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'Tiny Tears' (R. P. Savory 1977) = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'Tom Thumb' (Japan/Fransen) = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'Venucosa' (Alex Summers1986) = H. venusta x H. ventricosa
  • H. 'Venus Star' (Roger Hammond/Richard Ford) = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'venusta 'Shikow' (Walden-West NR) = H. venusta hybrid
  • H. 'Yellow Tears' (Ben Zonneveld) = H. venusta hybrid