Hosta ventricosa

Hosta ventricosa (Stearn 1931/AHS 1993)

Subgenus Schmid Bryocles Zonneveld Bryocles
Section Schmid Eubryocles Zonneveld Bryocles
Hosta Library species file Hosta ventricosa
Origin China, Anhui, Fujian,  eastern Guang, western Guang, Guizhou, Hubei (north of lake), Hunan (south of lake), Jiangsu  Jian and Sichuan.  See Map.
Japanese name Murasaki Giboshi = purple hosta
Chinese name zi e ( = purple calyx) or zi yu zan (purple hosta)
Plant A natural tetraploid.
80 cm diameter x 50 cm high (32 x 20"), forming a rosette shaped plant.
Leaf Petiole 18–22 cm (7-9"), spreading horizontally, unmarked except for light purple spotting at base, glossy light green, deeply grooved.
Leaf 20–30 cm x 15–20 cm wide (8–12" x 6–8"), cordate, broadly ovate, transition truncate, open, flattened, cuspidate, torsionally twisted with spiral curl in tip, usually turned under, central leaf surface generally "flat", not arched but flat between veins, but irregularly undulate in the margin, not pruinose, semi-glossy, below very glossy, dark emerald green.
8–9 pairs of veins, sunken above, projected, papillose-strigose below.
Inflorescense Scape 80–95 cm long (32–38"), straight, later bending under weight of heavy seed set often sub-horizontally, terete, mostly uniformly semi-glossy light green, lightly reddish, purple-dotted at base.
Fertile bracts navicular, grooved, thin, membranaceous, green at first, then white, withering, imbricated, nearly equal in size.
Raceme 25 cm (10"), 20–30 flowers.
Flowers 5.5 cm long and 3 cm broad, dark veins on a lighter colored back-ground, general color very dark, bluish violet, purple-violet, perianth acutely expanding, bell-shaped, tepals at tips ±parallel to axis of perianth, average anthesis.
Anthers purple.
Capsule triangular, short, stubby blunt tip.
Blooming Time July
Fertility Fertile, propagates x pseudogamous apomixis without the aid of pollen.
Growing conditions  
Suitable for containers  
Special remarks  
In Hosta Mill Collection Yes
  • H. 'Aunt Margaret's (NR) : H. ventricosa selection
  • H. 'Crystal Fountain (B. Banyai 1999) = H. ventricosa sport
  • H. 'Tiffney's Darth Vader (J. Dreessen 1999) = H. ventricosa sport
  • H. ventricosa 'Aureomaculata' (Hensen/AHS 1987) = H. ventricosa sport
  • H. ventricosa 'Aureomarginata' Hensen/AHS 1986) = H. ventricosa sport
  • H. 'Betty' (Herb Benedict 1983) = H. nakaiana x H. ventricosa
  • H. 'Gosan Line Up (George Schmid) = H. rectifolia x H. ventricosa
  • H. 'Holly's Honey (G. Holly/AHS 1986) = H. ventricosa hybrid
  • H. 'Honey Hill Pins and Needles (M. Erb 1999) = H. ventricosa hybrid
  • H. 'John Metzgar (S. & S. Zolock 2004) = H. ventricosa seedling
  • H. 'Jolly Green Dwarf (Tony Avent 2006) = H. ventricosa seedling
  • H. 'Kiwi Black Magic (B. Sligh 1999) = H. sieboldiana x H. ventricosa
  • H. 'Lakeside Black Satin (M. Chastain 1993) = H. ventricosa hybrid
  • H. 'Lakeside Ebony Echoes (M. Chastain 2002) = H. ventricosa x H. ventricosa
  • H. 'Lakeside Emerald Lights (M. Chastain 1993) = H. ventricosa x H. 'Invincible'
  • H. 'Little Blue (L. D. Englerth 1976) = H. ventricosa hybrid
  • H. 'Mama's Gold (R. Snyder 1999) = H. ventricosa hybrid
  • H. minor 'Alba Improved' (Georg Arends) = H. minor 'Alba' x H. ventricosa
  • H. 'Odyssey (B. Arnold 1999) = H. ventricosa hybrid
  • H. 'Peedee Elfin Bells (U. Syré-Herz 1987) = H. ventricosa hybrid
  • H. 'Peedee Picotee (U. Syré-Herz 1992) = H. ventricosa hybrid
  • H. 'Peedee Treasure (U. Syré-Herz 1989) = H. 'Gold Drop' x H. ventricosa
  • H. 'Rachel (Kuk's Forest/B. Kuk 2005) = H. 'Heartache' x H. ventricosa
  • H. 'Rippled Honey (Herb Benedict) = H. ventricosa x H. plantaginea
  • H. 'Rosedale Barnie (J. Hadrava 1999) = H. ventricosa x H. 'Invincible'
  • H. 'Rosedale Dough Boy (J. Hadrava 1999) = H. ventricosa x H. 'Invincible'
  • H. 'Rosedale Stitched in Silk (J. Hadrava 1999) = H. ventricosa x H.  'Invincible'
  • H. 'Schwarzer Ritter (H. Klose 1994) = H. ventricosa hybrid
  • H. 'Slick Willie (Jerry Hadrava 1996) = H. ventricosa x H. 'Invincible'
  • H. 'Spock's Ears (Dirk Dupré) = H. ventricosa seedling
  • H. 'Sunny Disposition (F. Nyikos 2001) = H. ventricosa x H. 'Birchwood Parky's Gold'
  • H. 'Taiwan (U. Syre-Herz) = H. ventricosa hybrid
  • H. 'Tardiflora Hybrida' (Georg Arends 1911/P. Ruh 1992) = H. 'Tardiflora' x H. ventricosa
  • H. 'Tucker Valentine (Ray B. Stephens 1991) = H. 'Herifu' x H.  ventricosa
  • H. 'Twist of Fate (Kevin Walek 2000) = H. ventricosa hybrid
  • H. 'Unducosa (Alex J. Summers/AHS 1986) = H.  'Undulata' x H. ventricosa