Hosta rohdeifolia

Hosta rohdeifolia f. viridis (F. Maekawa 1940)

Subgenus Schmid Giboshi Zonneveld  
Section Schmid Nipponosta Zonneveld  
Hosta Library species file Hosta rohdeifolia f. viridis
Origin Japan, southeastern part of Kyoto Prefecture.  See Map.
Habitat Wet bottom lands and seepage areas on mountain slopes.
Japanese name Aoba Omoto Giboshi = Hosta resembling the leaf of the of Rohdea japonica
Plant 30–40 cm diameter x 35–40 cm high (12–16 x 14–16").
Leaf Petiole 12.5–25 cm long (5–10"), medium green, first erect, then leaning. Leaf 12.5–15 cm x 5 cm wide (5–6 x 2"), erect and in line with petiole, lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate, some leaves broadened in the upper part, petiole transition discernable, angled, sub-obtuse tip, ±arching mid-rib, flat margins, some slightly convolute, medium green with moderate sheen above, shiny below.
4-6 pairs of veins, impressed above, projected, smooth below.
Inflorescense Scape 75–120 cm long (30–48"), straight and erect, not bending, light green, no purple marks.
Sterile bracts 3–6, convolutedly clasping stem, green, persistent; fertile bracts, short, navicular, thin, membranous, green, withering at anthesis, but not falling away.
Raceme 6–15 flowers, widely spaced.
Flowers abruptly nodding, 5 cm long and 3.5 cm broad (2 x 1.50"); purple-striped inside, thin, narrow tube, perianth expanding, lily-shaped, tepals spreading, recurving, very short pedicels, stamens shorter than the perianth, style projecting.
Anthers white posterior, purple sides and anterior.
Blooming Time August/September
Fertility Fertile
Growing conditions  
Suitable for containers  
Special remarks Rarely seen in collections.
In Hosta Mill Collection No
  • H. 'Kifukurin Omoto' (= H.  rohdeifolia (incorrect)  = H. 'Rohdeifolia' is the well known white margined sport.
  • H. 'Sugar Pie' (R. Snyder 1998) = H. rohdeifolia sport