Hosta pulchella

Hosta pulchella (N. Fujita 1976)

Subgenus Schmid Giboshi Zonneveld Giboshi
Section Schmid Picnolepis Zonneveld Rynchophorae
Hosta Library species file Hosta pulchella
Origin Japan, Kyushu Island, Kyushu Mountain Region, on the border between Miyazaki Prefecture and Oita Prefecture.  See Map.
Habitat This taxon evolved on isolated, high-altitude mountain peaks.  It shares habitat with other alpine plant species and forms rare allopatric populations growing in exposed rock fissures.
Japanese name Ubatake Giboshi = hosta from Ubatake (an ancient name for the Kyushu Mountain Region)
Plant 15–20 cm diameter x 10 cm high (6–8 x 4"). Rootstock creeping, moderately stoloniferous.
Leaf Petiole 2.5–4.5 cm (1–20"), purple-spotted on back, green.
Leaf 2.5–4.5 cm x 1–2.5 cm wide (1–2 x 0.5–1", erect and in line with petiole, ovate-cordate, moderately wavy margin, erect, rigid, leathery, polished light to dark green above, glossy lighter green below, tip tapering to mucronate.
3–4 pairs of veins, sunken above, very projected, smooth, below.
Inflorescense Scape 12.5–30 cm long (5–12"), straight, obliquely ascending, green, purplish red tinted in part or for the entire length.
Sterile bracts 1–3, clasping stem, withering by anthesis; fertile bracts short, navicular, grooved, green, loosely imbricate, persisting and not opening at flowering.
Raceme short, 3–10 flowers.
Tepals in bud light purple to purple outside, inside coloration a slightly colored field with 3 distinct darker stripes.
Perianth lobes light purple outside, narrow tube white, held erect on purple-tinted pedicels, 5 cm x 2 cm broad, funnel-shaped (in cultivation the tepal tips spread and recurve more so than in situ), stamens exserted.
Anthers purple.
Blooming Time July
Fertility Fertile
Growing conditions  
Suitable for containers  
Special remarks  
In Hosta Mill Collection  
  • H. ‘Urajiro Ubatake' = Urajiro Ubatake Giboshi (white-backed grand-mother mountain hosta), a white backed form sold in Japan
  • H. ‘Kifukurin Ubatake' = Kifukurin Ubatake Giboshi = H. pulchella ‘Aureomarginata' (incorrect) = H. pulchella ‘Kifukurin' (incorrect), a sport that emerges with yellow margins that turn white later on.
  • H. pulchella ‘Beadspread' is a named clone
  • H. ‘Blue Line' (P. Aden 1987) = H. Aden No. 412 x H. pulchella sport
  • H. ‘Sparky' (P. Aden 1987) = H. ‘Amy Aden' x H. pulchella
  • H. ‘Gosan Mina' (W.G. Schmid NR) = H. ‘Golden Prayers' x H. pulchella
  • H. ‘Stiletto' (P. Aden 1987) = H. ‘Amy Aden' x H. pulchella (variegated)
  • H. ‘Valley Boomerang' (J. Linneman NR) = H. pulchella hybrid