Hosta laevigata

Hosta laevigata (W. George Schmid/AHS 1993)

Subgenus Schmid Bryocles Zonneveld  
Section Schmid Arachnanthae Zonneveld  
Hosta Library species file Hosta laevigata
Origin Korea, islands of the Huksan Group (Huksan-chedo) on Taehuksan (Tae-huksan-do) off the southwestern coast of Korea opposite the province of Chollanam-do.  See Map.
Habitat Coastal area, in soil on talus slopes, some shade  
Japanese name Laevigata Giboshi  = the polished hosta
Plant 30–75 cm diameter x 18 cm high (12–30 x 8 "), vase-shaped.
Leaf Petiole 1.5–2.5 cm (0.75–1.0"), erect, spreading, tapering into and becoming part of leaf without noticeable transition, medium green.
Leaf 9–15 x 2–3.5 cm (3.5–7 x 0.75–1.5 "), erect and in line with petiole, petiole transition gradual, narrowly lanceolate, undulate, wavy-crispate in the margin, keeled, long, acuminate, contorted tip, erect-spreading, very shiny, dark green above, smooth, extremely glossy, polished, lighter green below.
3–4 (5), pairs of veins, very smooth above, projected, smooth below.
Inflorescense Scape 35–90 cm (14–36 "), straight and erect, stiff, green.
Sterile bracts, 3–5, lowest lanceolate, wavy, foliaceous 3–5 cm (1–2 "); fertile bracts, short, 5–10 mm (0.25–0.5 ") navicular, green, remaining fresh at anthesis.
Pedicels, short 4–6 mm, shorter or equal to fertile bracts, bending down; Raceme long, 12–20 cm (5–8 "), 5–20 flowers.
Flowers large, 5 cm long, 4 cm broad (2 x 1.50 "), purple-suffused, lobes very narrow, spreading rapidly, recurving, wide open, spider-flowered, equally arranged around the stem, held erect in ±horizontal position on strong pedicels, lobes pale purple suffused with slightly darker veins, white throat, expanding, funnel-shaped, spider-flowered.
Capsules blunt tipped.
Stamens conspicuously exserted, 3 short and 3 long with filaments attached to narrow tube. 
Anthers purple.
Blooming Time July/August
Fertility Fertile, difficult to pollinate
Growing conditions  
Suitable for containers  
Special remarks  
In Hosta Mill Collection Yes
  • H. 'Ray of Hope' (R. Solberg 2005), a white streaked sport.
  • H. 'Roller Coaster Ride' (Q & Z Nursery 2006 NR) a white-margined sport of H. 'Ray of Hope'.
  • H. 'Gosan Leather Strap' (W. George Schmid NR) = H. yingeri x (H.  laevigata x H. longipes f. sparsa)