Hosta 'Clavata'

Hosta clavata (F. Maekawa 1938) = H. 'Clavata'

Subgenus Schmid Giboshi Zonneveld  
Section Schmid Nipponosta Zonneveld  
Hosta Library species file Hosta clavata
Origin Japan, Urawa City in western Tokyo Prefecture;  Mount Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture.   See Map.
Habitat Mountain-dwelling species, found in moist high alpine meadows and marshy areas at lower elevations.
Japanese name Mushashi(no) Giboshi = Hosta from Mushashi
Plant 30 cm diameter x 20 cm high (12 x 8").
Leaf Petiole 10 cm (4"), green with no purple dots at the base.
Leaf 10–15 cm x 6.3-8.7 cm (4–6" x 2.5–3.5"), erect and in line with petiole, spreading, lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate, petiole transition gradual, narrowing, decurrent, acuminate tip, slightly undulate, wavy in the margin, smooth, dull dark green above, glossy lighter green below.
3–4 (5) pairs of veins, lightly impressed above, smooth below.
Inflorescense Scape 40–55 cm (16–22"), straight and erect, not bending, light green, no purple marks.
Sterile bracts 2–3, green, sometimes very light to whitish green, clasping stem initially then unfolding, boat-shaped, persistent; fertile bracts short, navicular, thin, membranous, green, withering at anthesis, but not falling away.
Raceme long, 10–24 flowers, spaced evenly on long raceme.
Flowers in bud very clavate, blunt, 4 cm long x 3 cm broad (1.5 x 1.25"), white, shiny, very lightly purple suffused in the middle of the lobe, or white entirely, gradually expanding, lily-shaped, outer tepals oblong, inner tepals shorter and blunt/abruptly acute, tepal color very light purple on white, 3 distinct, darker stripes, expanding.
Anthers yellow with purple margins.
Blooming Time July
Fertility Fertile
Growing conditions  
Suitable for containers  
Special remarks Very few authentic specimens are found in cultivation.  Most of the plants grown under this name are mislabeled ones.


In Hosta Mill Collection No
  • H. 'Nagaba Musashi'  (Nagaba Musashi(no) Giboshi, the “narrow leaf Musashi hosta.) purportedly is a narrow-leaf form from Japan, found in the wild.
  • Also from Japan is H. 'Urajiro Musashi' (Urajiro Musashi(no) Giboshi, the “white-backed Musashi hosta), purportedly a rock-dwelling form of the species found in the wild, with intense, white coating on back of leaf.  It may be an interspecific hybrid with H. longipes