Hosta 'Cathayana'

Hosta cathayana (Nakai ex F. Maekawa) = H. 'Cathayana'

Subgenus Schmid Giboshi Zonneveld  
Section Schmid Tardanthae Zonneveld  
Hosta Library species file Hosta 'Cathayana'

Japan, in the vicinity of Muko City, southern Kyoto Prefecture;  Sandanyko,  Hiroshima Prefecture.   See Map.

China (most probably incorrect).  See Map.

Habitat Most likely similar to that of H. tardiva
Japanese name Akikaze Giboshi = The Autumn Wind Hosta
Korean name Hae-in-bi-bi-chu = Hosta tardiva
Plant 30–45 cm diameter x  25 cm high (12–18" x 10"), vase-shaped.
Leaf Petiole 15–20 cm (6"–8"), erect, green, purple-spotted at the base.
Leaf 10–12.5 x 5–6.5 cm (4–5" x 2–2.5"), erect, decurrent to the petiole, ovate-lanceolate, acuminate tip, slightly undulate, wavy in the margin, rigid, smooth, glossy green above, glossy lighter green below.
5–6 pairs of veins, sunken above, very projected, smooth, below.
Inflorescense Scape 35–60 cm (14–24"), straight and erect, ±perpendicular to the ground, green, purplish red dotted lower third.
Fertile bracts short, navicular, grooved, thin, membranous, green, persisting after anthesis.
Raceme long, 20–25 cm (8–10"), 10–20 flowers.
Flowers 4–4.5 cm long, 4 cm broad (1.5–2" x 1.5"), purple-violet, perianth expanding, funnel-shaped, in the central part slightly dilated bell-shaped, tepals, spreading rapidly, recurving, widely open, blunt, short pedicels, projecting stamen.
Anthers purple.
Blooming Time August/September
Fertility Fertile
Growing conditions Easy garden plant.
Suitable for containers Yes.
Special remarks Considered to be a phenotypical variant of H. tardiva. 
Often H. 'Lancifolia' is mislabeled H. 'Cathayana'.  H. 'Cathayana' however has smaller, glossy leaves, shorter petioles persistent bracts.  It blooms later and is fertile.
In Hosta Mill Collection No
  • H. 'Chinese Sunrise', well known to gardeners, is  a viridescent, medio-variegated form with a yellow center turning green.
  • H. 'White Princess' (R. H. Benedict) = H. cathayana hybrid : green leaves, white flowers