Hosta capitata

Hosta capitata ((G. Koidzumi) T. Nakai 1930)

Subgenus Schmid Bryocles Zonneveld Bryocles
Section Schmid Lamellatae Zonneveld Stoloniferae
Hosta Library species file Hosta capitata
Origin Korea, throughout South Korea, more populations in the western part of South Korea.  See Map.
Habitat Mostly in pine-oak understory.
Japanese name Iya Giboshi = the hosta from the Iya District
Korean name Il-wol-bi-bi-chu
Plant 35–40 cm diameter x 25 cm high (14–18" x 10").
Leaf Petiole 20 cm (8") long, ascending in an arch, slender, narrowly open, purple-dotted, dark basal section, lighter to above middle.
10–12 cm x 5.5–8.5 cm (4–5 x 2–3.5"), ovate-cordate, with ruffled, piecrust, undulate, upturned margin, elsewhere surface flat, dull, dark yellowish green, some forms darker green, lighter below, opaque.
7–9 pairs of veins, sunken above, papillose below.
Inflorescense Scape 60–70 cm (24–28"), distinct ridges along scape axis, straight, erect.
Fertile bracts navicular, grooved, thick, green or whitish green, tinted purple before anthesis, imbricated even during flowering and nearly equal in size, persisting but withering, developed unopened flower head very globular, 2–4 sterile bracts.
Raceme short, 15 cm (6"), compactly clustered, 8–14 flowers.
Flowers 4.5–5 cm x 2.5 cm (2 x 1"), in horizontal position on strong pedicels, dark purple veins on a lighter colored background, perianth pale purple-violet, bell-shaped.
Anthers bi-color, yellowish.
Blooming time July
Fertility Fertile, but not often used in crosses.
Growing conditions Easy garden plant
Suitable for containers Yes
Special remarks  
In Hosta Mill Collection Yes
  • H. 'Ogon Kanzashi' (Japan NR) = yellow mutation, found in cultivation.
  • H. 'Amanuma' (F. Maekawa 1960/P. Ruh 2002) = H. venusta x H. capitata : medium green, heart-shaped leaves with bell-shaped lavender flowers.  Similar to nakaiana, but slightly larger leaves.
  • H. 'Show Piece' = H. capitata x H. nakaiana (P. Ruh 1998 (Fisher and Krossa 1970)).
  • H. 'Tatted Lace' = H. capitata x H. 'Ruffles' (Fairway Enterprises 1990)
  • H. 'Nakaimo' (Imperial Garden of Japan/AHS 1986) = H. capitata hybrid : powdery green above, shiny below. Sharply pointed, undulating. Flower buds are ball shaped . Flowers are pinkish lavender.
    Likes shade but dislikes ground covers underneath.